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We are circular - not cyclical - in how we approach business. We believe we all should buy less and buy better.

The fashion cycle generates cyclical waste of huge proportions. For example, the 2017 Ellen MacArthur Foundation report cites that “Of the total fibre input used for clothing, 87% is landfilled or incinerated…”. The recent trend to “fast fashion” has accelerated and exacerbated this problem.

As such, the fashion industry has to take responsibility for our part in the global problems we face.  We believe in the circular approach. Therefore WE:

…will “step up” by working ONLY with high-quality, low-minimum suppliers. We do small-batch production, thereby eliminating waste.

 …source the best quality materials that, when combined with our design philosophy, mean that our garments remain usable, and re-usable for many, many years to come.

…are committed to sourcing the best recycled, organic and sustainable materials for our garments as they become available and commercially viable. We minimise fabrics that are harmful to the environment and food chain (such as polyester, nylon and acrylic). Our aim is to use 50% sustainable materials by 2020.

…believe we should be washing clothes less to reduce contamination of our waterways, using less water and reducing carbon emission. Organisations such as Clevercare ( offer excellent advice in this area.