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9am - 5pm Mon - Fri

9am - 5pm Mon - Fri


We don’t do Collections.

Instead, we deliver tight, relevant, seasonless capsules that are timely, welcome additions to your wardrobe.

We don’t “fashion” women.      

We avoid overly-complicated designs, suited to women who lead a full and busy life. Each capsule is intelligently versatile, with a touch of sophisticated-sport and street-styled edge to set you apart.

We are sustainable.

Our founder has had a staunch philosophical opposition to the use of synthetic fibres for many years. This has influenced the direction of UNDERSTATE to favour natural, sustainable fibres.

 As fashion reinvents itself in the endless repeatable cycle, our UNDERSTATE designs easily slip back into your updated look and they become relevant again for the new seasonal trend. You get to fall back in love with your favourite UNDERSTATE investment pieces all over again, so they never end up as waste.

We seek and use responsible suppliers.

All suppliers to UNDERSTATE are carefully selected for their ethical pedigree. Legitimate and fair agreements for workers, no sweatshops, no underage workers.


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